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Company history


We have been on the market for over 60 years as a specialist for individual packaging solutions. Below are some milestones of our company history:


1953 Foundation of the company with the name Hassia Verpackung
1954 Development of the first blister packaging
1960 Production of the first refreshing wipes
1962 Construction of the first packaging machine for blister packaging and the packaging of the first contraceptive pills
1968 New construction of the current company location
1970 Production of the first sachets for insertion into magazines
1974 Sale of the company to the Kloeckner Group, renamed to Klockner Pentapack
1979 Production of the first lens cleansing wipes
1984 Start of production of liquids
1995 Establishment of the powder mixing plant (mixing of dietary supplements, detergents, bath salts, etc.)
2001 Sale of the company to the Budelpack Group, renamed to Budelpack Ranstadt GmbH
2006 Extensive expansion of capacities for the horizontal production of sachets
2009 Company takeover by Nimbus hands-on investors and renamed to RCP Ranstadt GmbH
2010 Investment in a facility for the automatic packing of sachets in folding cards
2013 Investment in several high-performance facilities with new technology for the manufacture of lens cleansing wipes
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