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Own Products


Your brand - Our product

We have developed for you numerous innovative and high-quality products in the following areas:

  • Washing- and Cleaning Agents
  • Body Care Products
  • Food

Products are developed in our laboratory, in close cooperation with external specialists. In this way, we ensure that our products are always at the cutting edge of science and technology, and that they comply with all regulatory requirements. In addition, all products are regularly tested by independent laboratories and testing institutes.

In production and packaging, we ensure, by means of a quality management system that has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997, that all quality-related operations are carried out according to fixed rules.

Our modern production facilities enable us to supply you with all items as a manufacturers' brand or trademark under attractive conditions.

Below is an overview of the products:

Washing- and Cleaning Agents

Body Care Products


On request, all our VITA ELAN-Products are also available with your brand.

What we offer:

Tell us your requirements and we will send you an offer that has been optimally tailored to your needs.

Our experienced Sales team is happy to advise you!

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