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Quality management


Tested quality - more than just a promise


The following is equally applicable to our three business areas: The primary goal is to provide our customers with reliable and reproducible high-quality products.

This starts with development in our laboratory, in close cooperation with external specialists. In this way, we ensure that our products are always at the cutting edge of science and technology, and that they meet all regulatory requirements.

In addition, all products are regularly tested by independent laboratories and testing institutes.

In production and packaging, we ensure, by means of a quality management system that has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997, that all quality-related operations are carried out according to fixed rules.

In this way, errors are detected and, in terms of continuous improvement, appropriate action can be taken quickly to prevent recurrence.


A holistic approach is important: All departments and staff play their part in the quality of a product, and are thus jointly responsible for the overall quality of the final product. In this context, regular training sessions are as indispensable as internal audits, which are conducted by cross-departmental teams of auditors.


In addition to this general, internalised quality awareness in the minds of our employees, our customers can count on further systematic quality checks. These include starting with direct supervision of production using “Checkweigher”, metal detectors and dosage monitoring with automatic rejection of any bad goods.


On the machine, our staff also continuously test and document product quality against defined product parameters. More extensive tests are ensured by our quality assurance department through laboratory tests and microbiological tests.


We strive to evolve continuously. You can find information on the certificates here

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